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From application to decisioning to operations - FINFRA provides the necessary infrastructure and services for technology companies to embed financial services to their environment through a seamless integration.

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Buy Now Pay Later

Supercharge your payment solutions with a lending layer and improve retention. Split purchases to multiple payments.

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Payroll Financing

Allow employees to get early access to unearned wages for short term needs direct within their payroll app

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Working Capital Financing

Give your business partners more buying power: offer them payment in installments so that they can purchase more inventory at better terms

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Give patients an alternative way to pay for procedures. A built-in lending experience that can be enabled at point of sale.

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Finance fuel and vehicle maintenance of your driver partners by providing flexible loans.

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Empower retailers to purchase goods on credit by providing flexible repayment options.

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HR Technology

Help your employees meet contingencies and consumption needs by providing salary advances and personal loans.

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Merchant Accounting Apps

Help small and medium sized businesses grow by providing flexible business loans.

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Lending is complex and resource intensive — We make it seamless.

We have been at the forefront of digital lending in Indonesia since the beginning. We have invested millions into our technology, underwriting stack, credit scoring and customer-service journeys.

Empower your business with our seamless credit products, increasing your customer satisfaction, retention and lifetime value within weeks.

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Companies that have benefited from our expertise

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Seamless APIs with everything you need

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License and Compliance

Licenses may take years of hard work and investment. FINFRA’s is fully licensed and can embed credit products into your environment in weeks. This saves a lot of investments and accelerates your GTM.

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User account balance management and payment handling.

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Ledger & Accounting

Loan management with built-in ledger and accounting system.

Finfra API Node

By developers for developers

As developers we know what makes a good API easy to use. A secure, fast, reliable system, efficient to implement and well documented.

Simple integrations

Scalable APIs

"data": {
"endpoint_key": "payroll_financing",
"callback_url": "https://payroll.id/api/dbj-broker/lead_hook",
"unique_id": "11ab11c1-22de-3333-f8g8-5ee555d50b55",
"personal_code": "350311620111111",
"requested_amount": 1250000,
"term": 3,

Don’t just take our word for it

Hear from some of our amazing partners who are building faster.
"Their staff is exceptionally responsive and professional, ensuring quick withdrawals and efficient month-end reconciliations. The straightforward access provided to our finance manager for their Internal System and the convenience of customers receiving funds post-banking hours (2-2.5pm) are commendable."
Hayman CEO
Janibyek Makshat
CEO, Hayman Capital
"We’re already at several occasions, and very happy about the services. Communications is fast and response-time quick, Openness and flexibility."
Andrew COO
Andrew Soebagijo
COO, CareNow
"Impressed with Finfra’s experienced management team, their flexibility which I highly value, the speed of team responses, and the various financing options and opportunities for new customers they offer."
Nikita CEO
Nikita Semenov
CEO, GetMo

Frequently asked questions

What is embedded finance?

Embedded finance is when non-financial companies adopt and integrate financial services into their offering. We focus on enabling non-financial companies to lend to their customers.

What is the relationship between FINFRA and danabijak?

danabijak (PT Digital Micro Indonesia) is a subsidiary of FINFRA that has permanent license as fintech platform from Indonesia’s FSA (‘OJK’)

What is the pricing?

Pricing depends on which modules you require, as well as monthly credit volume. For more, please contact sales@finfra.io

What is involved in the onboarding process?

FINFRA’s onboarding process is streamlined to get you up and running in just a few weeks. To ensure compliance with state lending requirements, our internal team will perform a review of your product, funds flow, and compliance procedures; we promise this will be as painless as possible. From there, we do a kick off between our development teams and work with you hand-in-hand until your launch.

How do the underwriting models of FINFRA compare to a traditional bank?

FINFRA’s underwriting and credit risk models are based off of those used for www.danabijak.com, a leading Fintech Lending service geared towards underserved individuals and businesses. As such, we are able to underwrite a broad range of applicant types, even those with no social security numbers or credit history.

Am I free to set the pricing of any credit that my platform offers?

You are free to set your own pricing, however, FINFRA may work with you on certain interest and fee limits to comply with the regulatory requirements.

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